Finding Detox Centers for Alcohol is the First Step in Recovery

About Detox Centers for Alcohol

When a person has an alcohol addiction, they need to find immediate addiction treatment. The first step of this is finding detox centers for alcohol. Alcohol detox can be an uncomfortable experience, so enrolling in a professional detox center can help ease symptoms of withdrawal. Also, relying on detox centers for alcohol can help increase the success of a detox and prevent relapse.

First 24 Hours

After an individual’s last drink, symptoms of withdrawal can set in as soon as eight hours afterward. Symptoms include tremors, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, and muscle aches.

1–3 Days

Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal peak within the first few days. An individual may experience hallucinations, high blood pressure and body temperature, mood swings, and seizures.

5–7 Days

Symptoms decrease significantly, especially in detox centers for alcohol. Clients may continue to feel mild irritability and anxiety at this point, but most physical symptoms are over.