One in eight adults in the U.S. abuses alcohol, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). With a number like that, you might feel like people that you know are struggling with alcohol addiction. This high number can be scary for a lot of people. That makes knowing when to seek alcohol treatment seem complicated.

But know that this isn’t about your friends, your family members, or anyone else. It’s about you doing what’s right for you. Here’s how you’ll know.

You’ve Lost Control

At least once a week, you feel compelled to drink. Or you feel compelled to drink to the point of a stupor or blackout.

It could be because of stress or social pressure. Whatever the case, you’re no longer calling the shots. You’re letting the alcohol, and perhaps other people who abuse alcohol, rule your life.

That’s when to seek alcohol treatment. In alcohol addiction treatment, you learn skills to manage your own compulsions and handle yourself when faces with others, encouraging you to drink.

You Want to Quit… But Can’t

Maybe you’ve tried. Perhaps you’ve even been able to go days, a week, or a month. But because you’re not in control, it doesn’t matter how much you or your loved ones want you to quit. Without some kind of addiction treatment program, it’s nearly impossible to retake control of your life when it gets to this point.

You’re Thinking About Your Next Drink

If you’re what they sometimes call a “functional alcoholic”, then you may be able to go to work or school. You’re okay during the day. So to others, your addiction may not seem so bad. But if you find yourself at work anticipating getting off so you can drink, that’s when to seek alcohol treatment.

Your Life is Worsening

A common theme that people struggling with addiction experience is their quality of life deteriorating. Different aspects of their lives begin to suffer as a result of their addiction. Some of the areas that may be negatively affected by addiction include:

  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Work or school
  • Legal

Think hard about this for a few minutes. Is your drinking contributing in any way to declines in happiness and success? If it is and you still can’t quit, then this is when to seek alcohol treatment. Struggling in one or more of the categories can be a sure sign that addiction is taking over your life.

Ultimately, this is just one more sign you’re not in control.

You’re Taking Risks

Are you risking your life or others when you drink?

Maybe you passed out, leaving no one to care for your children. Or perhaps you got behind the wheel while drunk. Or your doctor told you that your liver wouldn’t last another six months if you keep drinking like this. But you keep throwing them back with your friends.

These are just a few examples of unacceptable risks. Knowing when to seek alcohol treatment isn’t so complex, after all.

“Now” Is When to Seek Alcohol Treatment

You deserve to control the steering wheel of your own life. But if you’ve handed your responsibility over to alcohol, it’s in the driver’s seat. However, you’re the one who gets the tickets, or worse.

At Bayview Recovery, we give you the tools you need to rebuild a better life in programs designed to meet your unique needs like:

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